The Neuronen Schmiede concerns itself with topics related to software development. One focus are robust web applications.

Structuring Notes With Symbols


I like to take notes both on paper and digital. I’m experimenting with symbols to make them easier to scan and communicate additional meaning. The symbols need to be easy to draw and the analog and digital versions must be comparable. My current list looks like this:

⭐ Goal
Something I want to achieve that typical requires multiple actions to be completed.

⚡ Action
Something that can be done. I try to use the format action verb + activity + purpose + due date.

💭 Idea
An idea or thought I had that I will probably revisit at a later time.

👁 Observation
Something that I observed that could be relevant for myself in the future.

⚠️ Warning
I should pay attention to that since chances are high that it will bite me later.

💲 Reference
An idea, a quote or otherwise useful material that I discovered somewhere.

🌀 Other
Diary style notes and other stuff where other symbols don’t fit.